"Natenna" a dish that I remember my Ukrainian mother preparing. It was so tasty. It was made from a weed (lamb's quarters) that grew in our garden. The dish contained lamb's quarters, rice, lots of garlic, onion, a little pre-cooked pork fat and sour cream. Does anyone out there remember having a similar dish prepared by their baba (grandmother). My mother gave me this recipe years ago, but I have not made it. My brother stumbled upon a large patch of lamb's quarters and asked if I had her recipe and low and behold I found it.
Please let me know if anyone out there remembers eating a similar dish.

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  • Patricia Caine (nee Rusnak) is originally from Thunder Bay, ON. Both her parents came to Canada from the Ukraine. She has put these recipes together as a tribute to her parents, for her family and Canada's 150th.

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